v10.43 software faster battery drain issue


Unfortunately 10.43 managed to drain the battery even faster than 9.37.

20% in 22 hours, Garmin, what's going on?

With the same settings, I had just under eight days runtime under the 8 versions.

Since version 9.37 only four to five days maximum.

I bought the fēnix 7S Sapphire Solar for ~ 900€. Since I just expect more, and am considering returning the watch, since it still has warranty.

I use durable OX, and have the notification for three apps active.

Yesterday on today no sports activities, just normal use. And still such high consumption.

Resetting the watch is not an alternative, there must be another solution. Other manufacturers prove that it works!

Regards Bennifr

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  • Unfortunately, this has not been the solution. The massive discharge has unfortunately returned.

  • Just to avoid misunderstandings: what will be lost upon a hard reset (keeping the light button pressed until the watch restarts) as in step 1 above? HRV baseline for example?

    I'm confused because holding the Light (or Power) button is called "Soft Reset" (not Hard) by Garmin (https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=wxPmdnWsev1xGRUf58oDC8).

    In contrast, a Hard Reset seems to be the one like Settings > System > Reset > Restore Defaults / Delete Data and Reset Settings. That'll definitely bring the watch to the just-unboxed status (except for the OS upgrade), knowing nothing of its user from scratch.

  • I mean the reset that requires long press at the top left.
    But unfortunately the procedure does not seem to help permanently.
    I have now changed the watchface, although it has already been an original Garmin watchface. Let's see if this brings something, this is described in other threads.

  • I was expecting that. On my watch sometimes battery percentage do not change over night, sometimes 2-3%. The same during the day, just dropping more. Especially during workout.

  • Since yesterday abnormal battery consumption. I didn't touch anything. It's really bizarre.

  • Deactivating the permanent OX measurement reduces the battery consumption to approx. 10%. I now only use it during sleep.

    But again, in all versions of firmware 8, I had the permanent measurement on and still had about 8 days of runtime.

    What has GARMIN changed in the new firmware?

  • I am always worried that a FW update does something bad with battery life.
    I think my Fenix is still at 7.35 or something just because I see all these bad battery life reports in this forum. Some experienced even a full battery drain in two days or what?
    For me battery life is maybe the most important feature and currently I am still getting 18 days. I am really scared if that could change to only a few days after a FW update.

    Typically a forum is something where people are searching for others that are having the same issues. I am kind of interested now if it is really that bad. I can understand battery life has decreased the more feature that have been added. But how many days do people not having these issues typically get out of the watch now with latest FW?

  • I have noticed a big drop in battery too. No changes to what I have running before the latest couple of updates up to 10.44. Disappointing as the watch now does not perform as I was sold it would. Garmin need to REALLY fix this asap. Fenix 7X sapphire solar btw.