Anyone tried Fenix 7 while surfing?

Thinking about buying a Fenix 7 for multiple activities... especially surfing, but I cannot find any information about someone using for surfing.


  • Are you using the sapphire?

    The instinct 2 "surf" model is completely wrong about wave count and the GPS tracks are all over the place in my experience. I think the non-sapphire fenix have the same GPS chip as the instinct 2.

  • hey

    I'm using the sapphire yes 7s sapphire solar.

    on my 3rd now.

    Every time i go surfing there goes a key ... support s been great though. 

    anyone getting the same at all?

  • Can anybody explain in detail how the Surf tracker 2 data field works, please? I can't find any exact info on using it on the forums. Since a few firmwares back, Instinct Surf 1st gen wave tracking is improved, but still not great. I'm considering upgrading the watch, but unclear of whether using that datafield (or other Surf apps) will show up as a 'legit' surf activity in Connect (which I need it to do, as I sync my Connect with my Surfline account, which gives me stats/cam rewinds in the Surfline phone app).

    And/all info would be much appreciated!

  • +1

    After 4 months surfing I am not able to get an accurate surfing activity. I use Surf Tracker 2 and I would like to know how the others set up the app.

    My experience so far is horrible... Love the watch, but I would not recommend it for anyone which main use is surfing.

  • Hi Joaogmv 
    I've given up to be honest as I kept having to get a new watch every time I went surfing.

    However, I was able to get a fairly accurate session (gps wise, positioning, didn t care much about speed and stuff) by constantly monitoring the gps signal. Which yeah is not ideal and definitely a problem I didn't face on my 735xt.

    But always eyes on the gps signal after riding a wave.

  • I came on here to figure out what I can do to fix my lower right button too. Started having issues immediately after a couple of surf sessions. 

    I rinsed it, and soaked it like Garmin recommended, but that doesn't fix the issue. 

  • Hey CharlesM99

    currently on my 3rd watch and have not tried using this one for surf yet.

    got in touch with support and they replaced the watch.

  • My Fenix 5S got irreparably damaged while surfing (water damage), not even in rough conditions. If I had known I wouldn't have risked it, but naively thought that surfing being at the surface should be well within the watch's specifications. Don't know if the Fenix 7 has better water proof technology.

  • Hi 

    technically they are supposed to be ok for surfing . unsure in your case if you'd still be covered by warranty somehow but would still get in touch with garmin .

    my most recent 7s has been holding up just fine in any surfing conditions so can only say the first two had real issues with the buttons and water proofing. 

    good luck

  • After using my 5x for 5 years without a single problem the altimeter stop working just after it’s first surf activity.

    I knew it! …