Just looking for outside perspective as Tactix 7 user with tattoos

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Full disclosure here, not blaming the watch/technology. Just looking for unbiased opinions, right now I am obviously grabbing any excuse to justify/keep the watch. 


I have to position the watch on a certain spot between some ink that has clear skin. Most of the day I seem to be fine. However, it is those times when I find myself throwing laundry in and out of washer/dryer and other acts that can (not always) reposition the watch I will notice the HR sensor lose connection. For exercising I use a Polar H10 so not too concerned there. Also, I noticed if I am doing anything like raking my lawn, or just in and out of my shed moving *** around, I can find that it repositioned and lost the HR. I am an engineer so I spent a lot of my time in my office with my ass planted on a seat outside of my workout schedule, so most of the time all this is a non issue. It is the weekends or evenings when I flip the switch with work and start doing those things around the house I will need to keep an eye on the watch. Seriously considering laser treatment on a small area of my wrist.

Would a little aggravation a couple times a day at times and a quick re-adjustment be a non-issue to you? 

  • I have no issue where my watch sits, but if it were ninety degrees it’d be totally unreadable.. Your situation would drive me nuts, I fear, as a bit of a neurotic type. However, until bio implants are more available for daily use, I think having gaps in ink for sensors is cyberpunk as it gets and I love it. I’d fully design around that idea if getting more done.

  • I know your frustration, I have tattoo slieves on both arms, Colour on the Right and black on the Left. I have found it across all optical heart rate monitor watches. (Ive got a Garmin Fenix 5X, 6X, 7X, AW7, Samsung Gear 2 and my Polar in the past did it too. Its definately the tattoos )

    The colour arm is totally unusable for reliable heart rate and pulseOx readings, the Black ink arm is more usable, but any slight movement over one of the darker lines, stops the readings. My heart rate graphs are literally a joke. massive gaps everywhere. I have even thought of going to get a coin size tattoo removal just to give a clear patch of skin for the sensor to rest on, which should improve the accuaracy. The only time my watch is off my arm is when it charges so no one would know, but it would mess up my art work. During activity i use a chest strap, but like you, I want the continous readings throughout the rest of the day.

    Will keep following this thread to see if anyone has working solutions.

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    I ordered epoxy stickers off of amazon that are 1/2" to cover the sensor. SO far I have had no HR cut-outs and it seems to be working. Accuracy seems to be unaffected but time will tell. They are cheap enough also, here is the link if you are interested. I learned of this trick from Apple Watch users with tattoos as it works for them.