No SMO2 recording on F7 Solar

Hi all,

I upgraded to a F7 Solar from a F6Pro and I discovered that although the native SMO2 datafield works OK and shows realtime values (from my Humon Hex SMO2 sensor) the resulting workout shown on the phone and web doesn't graph the SMO2 readings like the F6Pro did.

I've not tried this for a while, so I'm not sure whether it's an issue specific to the F7 or whether something broke on the backend of Connect.

Anyone else using an SMO2 sensor with any Garmin watch type successfully?

(NB. this is SMO2 from an external sensor, not the (SPO2) PulseOx readings the watch gives)

  • Damn, that thing cost $799! Is it worth it?

  • It didn't cost anything like $799, but the company went bust and they stopped selling them a few years back.

  • Pity. If they charged for $799 maybe company will still be alive (dark humor).

  • Have you tried contacting the CIQ application developer? The last update took place in August this year. Fenix ​​7 is supported, but it will be a specific version of Solar. I am still waiting for support for Epix 2. I can buy the sensor on the Spanish website, but if the data field does not support a specific watch, it will not send data to Garmin Connect. I am very concerned about this sensor for health reasons (severe intestinal autoimmune disease), where I often have anemia and deficiencies of iron, folic acid and B12. I'd like to ... save hemoglobin and optimize my training at the same time. I love sport and I don't want to give it up. This sensor is an amazing thing.

  • I took a look at one of the workouts where I wore the sensor in another tool (runalyzer) - that shows the SMO2 plot, so the F7 is recording it into the fit file correctly, it's an issue in the Connect app/website where it's no longer displaying it - I'll reach out to support and cross my fingers...

  • I also got interested in it, because of the above. And I noticed that in the summer there was an application update in CIQ (August 9 to be exact), and the manufacturer is still selling these devices in the Spanish branch of Humon. It even updates Facebook entries. The problem is that both the Garmin Epix 2, Forreruner 955 and Fenix ​​7 Solar (Fenix ​​7, Fenix7X Solar, for example, are) are still not supported. I feel ok, it will work, because it is a sensor. As long as it works in the watch and the ANT + sensor and the battery is charged, there's no reason why something shouldn't work. However, if the data field application does not support the device, it will not sync with Garmin Connect. However, it is still possible to see in real time how the oxygen saturation of the muscles changes. It changes so much, because a skilled athlete will have an advantage. But you know, for this money you would like to have full functionality. Considering that the sensor itself is one of the more expensive among all sensors (not among the smo2, but in general), and the Fenix ​​7 Solar or Epix 2 watch does not cost too little. I also sent an email to the developer. We'll see.

  • Just so you know - there is an ANT+ standard for SMO2 which the sensor adheres to, so it'll work without needing the CIQ app.

    However, the CIQ app does do some more analysis on the data, displaying the "zone" you're in, making it easier to interpret the data, especially during a workout.

    When they announced the discontinuation of the Humon Hex product, I contacted the manufacturer to ask if they'd be willing to open-source the CIQ app, but they never replied.

    Someone has tried to duplicate the original CIQ app and sells it for $10, but I don't know if they replicated the original algorithm or made their own up.

  • Support on has been down for several years. Same page as well. The project was reactivated by the Spanish branch - So write to them, if they do not reply to the e-mail that you received on the CIQ store website. Yes, as I mentioned above, you can see that they are active (Facebook post from September, August etc.), application update from CIQ on August 9. After all, support for Fenix ​​7, 7X (but not all in the Solar version) or Quatix 7, Tactix 7 and some other devices that premiered in 2022 was added. If the application and the website were dead, there would be no support for these devices. Look at the application page through your browser. Unfortunately, the store will not pop up for you, because the device is not supported.

    However, the fact that they charge 10 Euro / USD for it (on the page in the store on 12.10, so tax is already added), I fully understand it. They have to somehow maintain application funding and device development. It is not an HR sensor that sells in the thousands. It is a niche product, but I find it much more effective than a chest strap measuring heart rate. Because as you may know, it shows changes in muscle performance in real time. On the other hand, the heart rate is delayed on the FTP or power indicators.