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Night Sleep Data gets replaced by daytime "sleep"

Now it happened to me. I know that this issue has been discussed before, but now it happened on 9.36

Sleep recording worked fine since I got the watch, but now it replaced a nighttime recording by 2 hours in the afternoon when I was working.

Of course, it messed up all related data.

Fun fact: I could change it back to the original nighttime recording in the Garmin App but not on the watch.

  • Hello Garmin, I have the problem more and more often. The sleep is constantly recorded in the afternoon. And the night sleep is then overwritten. This is totally annoying. First of all the time is not correct at all as I played Xbox for at least 1 hour of it. Can you please fix the problem.

  • Dear Garmin,

    please, I'd appreciate it too if this issue could be fixed in time. Sleep times should be cumulated not replaced!

  • Yesterday again the Fenix 7X was tracking sleep in the afternoon. The watch can also do that for me. But then it should not overwrite the night sleep but link it. After all, the afternoon sleep also has an effect on recovery. But the watch thinks I only slept 3 hours all day. Therefore the overall condition is bad. But that's not true at all.

  • So, what's the status? You promised to look into it and we can see that the people who are affected are adding up.

  • The behavior is by design. See our official update above.