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Night Sleep Data gets replaced by daytime "sleep"

Now it happened to me. I know that this issue has been discussed before, but now it happened on 9.36

Sleep recording worked fine since I got the watch, but now it replaced a nighttime recording by 2 hours in the afternoon when I was working.

Of course, it messed up all related data.

Fun fact: I could change it back to the original nighttime recording in the Garmin App but not on the watch.

  • Aaand it happened to me just now. Same here on 9.36. ( )

    I just sat still for a while at 5 pm and that was enough to trigger "sleep". Rolling eyes

  • I had this occur several tines on the F6 Pro after the 'improved' sleep algorithm was rolled out 

    Same issue came over to the F7 too and I see it seni-regularly 

  • Please refer to this newer thread. It is being monitored and updated:

    Night Sleep Gets Replaced With Day Time Naps

    If a long nap is taken, it is by design that nap will replace your prior night sleep as your most recent sleep.

    This Support Center article contains more information regarding Advance Sleep metrics:

    What is Advanced Sleep Monitoring in Garmin Connect?

    Sleep windows may recalculate throughout the day to verify and distinguish between waking up early and going back to sleep vs being up for the entire day. You may notice slight variances in your complete sleep window as these calculations update. Even with these recalculations, sleep monitoring can still stop if the device detects movement that indicates you've entered an "awake" state for an extended period of time during the night.

  • The problem isn't a false awake state, neither was it a problem of waking up early.
    I had the issue, when the normal night sleep was recorded within the set sleep window and the watch deleted that recording with a false sleep of two hours in the late afternoon.

  • That support center article doesn't help at all.

  • Yes, I could also observe this phenomenon on my tactix 7. I had slept well at night and the sleep data in Connect was good. I also received a good sleep score. I think I had slept over 8 hours.
    Then I went to sleep during the day in the early afternoon. I slept for about 2 hours. When I opened the Connect app later, I noticed that the sleep from the previous night was gone. I was supposedly awake the whole night. Although my sleep was already recorded, it disappeared. After the sleep in the afternoon (2 hours) my sleep score was of course very bad, because Garmin thinks I would have slept only 2 hours. The 8 hours of sleep from the night (and also the corresponding score) have disappeared into nirvana.

  • Thank you, yes, my experience was very similar. Recorded sleep in the night with a good score deleted by a two hour "sleep" in the afternoon.

  • Garmin please, we all know that sleep tracking is rather bad than good on your devices. But what is even worse is replacement of night sleep with afternoon nap. I didn't see it on any other smart watch of other companies. Is there any chance that you will fix it? 

  • Are they sleeping? Clearly not, but the watch isn't able to see whether or not they are conscious, hence the need for a sleep window.

    Ok, my sleep window is from 10pm to 5am. And the clock has correctly recorded my nightly sleep. All good. BUT why is this already recorded sleep DELETED in Connect when I go to sleep for 2 hours in the afternoon - outside my set sleep window ?
    Why are 8 hours of sleep inside the sleep window deleted, and OVERWRITTEN with 2 hours of sleep outside the sleep window ? Where is the logic of the sleep window ?