The morning report is here!

  • No, it just means that they do not pay attention to bugs.

  • 9.36 resolved pretty much all of the issues I've had. As for battery life, I'm not sure what kind of shenanigans Garmin uses to say I'd get 28 days, but with 24/7 pulse ox and 24/7 HR tracking I'm getting 10 to 12 days before this update and 10-12 days after this update 

  • Read some of the other users' posts and you will see (swimming distance issues, HR issues, battery drain issues).

    This is not only for Fenix, but for Forerunners 255 and 955, as well as Epix 2 and Instinct 2. I was curious and went through Garmin forums for other newer watches and they share same issues (i.e. swimming issues from release, HR and battery drain from last siftware updates).

    Just because you do not see an issue, does not mean that issue does not exist for many people.

  • And just because YOU see an issue it does not mean it's endemic of the entire user base... 

  • True. That is why I mention OTHER users' posts in this and other Garmin forums. You may disregard and downplay it, but there is a reason why they exist.

  • Well it's been my experience having been in these forums for many years that there are a vocal few who always seen to have issues with everything. Going back to the tactix charlie every firmware update was met with "my battery is worse!!!" Now, some of that is true and I don't know what the hell happens to Garmin watches as they seem to lose battery life with every firmware update, but for this particular product with this firmware I have no issues and am quite happily looking forward to morning report, trail fork indication, being able to use my HR strap for the health snapshot and native running power. This is going to be a big update... 

  • Good for you that you do not have issues. Did you factory reset the watch after update?

    I pay attention to repeated user reports on same issues even though I do not have those problems (I disabled updates because I do not want to be a beta tester for Garmin after paying so much for Fenix 7, and it is obvious to me that updates are rushed and contain bugs).

    I would much prefer that already reported issues are fixed. Pushing unfinished software is reason why I switched from another brand to Garmin, expecting it will be more professional.

  • no factory resets. i did that a few times with the tactix delta and found it did nothing other than aggravate me that i had to rebuild the watch. much easier this generation since you can set up everything via the connect app, but still, it never did anything to fix issues then, so i wouldn't expect it to fix any now. 

    let me understand. you want garmin to not release any new features for their watches ever unless all issues reported from random users are addressed first? so the vast majority of users get no new updates while the vocal few (who seem to have new problems every day) get addressed? it's a very good thing you're not in charge of software development or garmin would be bankrupt

  • No, I want Garmin to fix issues with swimming, HR and battery drain before putting effort to push out new features. I do not see any worth is morning report, training measurements etc. when HR is not measured properly. 

    Again, you speak about few vocals, although large number of posts by different users on garmin forums for all new watches prove you wrong.

    In my opinion, selling device as expensive as Fenix, Epix, 955, Tactix etc, and then disregard issues with basic aspects of the device i mentioned above, is more likely to lead to bankrupcy then fixing software bugs and providing reliable user experience.

  • alright i'll play along. let's see what issues are in the top 50 or so posts for the fenix 7 series at this moment in this forum:

    1. battery drain. 10 responses. i can't dismiss it, but it's certainly not universal. my money would be on a 3rd party widget/watchface causing issues

    2. map view empty on an activity. one guy agrees. crickets from everyone else

    3. strava live segment failure with sharp turns. looks genuine, garmin investigating

    4. navigating to a point crashes the watch. zero responses

    5. more complaints about altitude. i've seen altitude complaints for literally 5 years here, across all garmin devices

    6. a bunch of people arguing about how accurate hr monitoring is. sites that measure such things (DCR) find it shockingly accurate, so...

    7. someone screwing around with their watch and cannot restore backup files via pc. ok

    8. spotify app doesn't work. zero responses. i use spotify daily on the watch, so...

    9. some issue with sleep tracking being replaced with phantom recordings during the day. seems legit, garmin investigating

    10. someone cannot view screenshots on macos. a bunch of ppl dispute this and say it's working fine, so...

    11. someone having an issue with hr dropping while flailing arms around. i've seen this personally if the strap isn't tight enough on every watch i've ever used, from samsung to suunto to apple to garmin, so...

    12. someone's watch keeps restarting during activites. about 10 ppl agree. seems legit, garmin investigating.

    so there you go, that's what we're at in fenix/tactix 7 world. 3 genuine issues which are being investigated. can these not be addressed while also adding new features? i don't see anything about swimming, so if it is an issue it's certainly not a popular one

    actually, idk what i'm debating this for. garmin owns the product and they're bringing new features with each update, which is fantastic.