Burn mark from 7s solar

So that's a new one. I bought the 7s when it first came out. No problems, only updated the firmware when I got it, don't use O2 measurement. Took it off to charge it today, and noticed I have a burn mark where one of the sensor sits: when worn left then away from the hand. I had the same problem with a fitbit charge 2 ages ago, and Fitbit replaced it without problems. But Garmin here is ***: They first want the watch back, then they'll send out a new one, which I can't do right now due to training programme and other stuff. Oh great. Anyone with a similar experience?

  • I neither noticed nor heard from other users anything similar what you did notice. During the 6-month of use I was wearing 24/7 my 7x SS except when plugged to charging and took off to clear the sweat from it in the shower. I wish you a quick and easy RMA process!

  • Are you sure it's a burn mark? Not a skin irritation from sweat, dirt, etc? Sensor light should not be strong enough or heat enough to make a burn mark.

  • That's a relevant question. The skin is red, hurts when touched, and is full of crinkles. It is very warm here at the moment though. I guess I have to test it on the other arm, even though I don't like wearing a watch there (it feels totally wrong!).

  • Then could be a skin irritation. Quite often when hot, a lot of sweating stay on skin and between skin and something, like a watch or bracelet. Try to loose band a bit. Yeah, HRM reading might be affected but it will give skin a bit of air to bread. Tighten only when you do workout. That's how I do.

  • Almost every time this comes up (and it comes up from time to time with every sports watch) the problem ends up being contact dermatitis from salt and bacteria buildup caused by not rinsing off the watch with fresh water after exercising.

    It tends to affect the sensor area, in particular, because it protrudes more than the rest of the watch, leading many people to mistakenly believe that the sensor is actually burning their skin.


    The solutions are generally:

    1. Give the watch a good rinse with fresh water after every time you exercise with it
    2. Occasionally wash the watch in a solution of fresh water with a mild liquid dish soap (I do this about once a month)
    3. Take the watch off when you shower so that you can give your wrist a good wash
    4. Wear the watch looser while you're not exercising, tighten it only when exercising
    5. If all else fails, try a different kind of strap.
  • like others, I would suspect this is irritation.   If it really was burning then that would indicate something that I would think was very serious from both your and Garmin's perspective. I have had it at times in the past and started making sure I took it off to shower, washed it well daily and even started to switch it to my right arm when sleeping.  Once it cleared up I have not bothered with switching arms but make sure it is not too tight during daily wear.

    Regarding the RMA (if needed), assuming you can deal with the short term fund reduction, see if you can pay for a new one then, once the old is returned, the money is refunded.  I needed to do this a number of years ago with a Fenix 3.  Refund was quick as soon as they received the old watch.

  • Thanks a lot. I might not have taken it off enough in this temperature, and I did some runs and all-day hikes, so it's very likely. Lets see how this develops. When I had a problem with the fitbit I developed a blister and then it peeled off. So if this doesn't happen then I guess it's indeed just irritation.

  • Tried this a while ago, offered to pay for the new one, and when they got my old one in they would repay me.
    A very poor and annoying customer service case emerged, in the end a "manager" called me and said he was sorry and would look in to it send me some freebies for the hassle.
    Never heard from Garmin again.. 

    Sometimes they are great, but sometimes the people you talk with should not work there at all..

  • When I got my Fenix 5+ two years ago (during summer also), I also got skin dermatitis under the sensor area. My solution (in addition to cleaning the watch regularly) has been to switch the watch to the other wrist for the night. That gives the other wrist plenty of time to recover. Of course if you don't wear the watch during the night, then this doesn't help.

  • I am having the same problem with my TACTIX 7. is there any solutions for this problem??