Fenix 7x - Scratches on Sapphire Power Glass

After normal use (not heavily used, only outdoor walking and sleep tracking) of sixes months, I started to notice big scratch on power glass, not a crack. 

I reached out to product support, this is what they sent me - https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=x9Wb9SReXj4637OhculsP9

Is this a defective product or poor quality product?

Anyone has similar issues with power glass? reached out to Garmin product support?

  • Quick update, as per Garmin product support team, any scratches on "scratch-resistant" Power Sapphire is not covered by the product 1 year limited warranty. I can get a replacement device thru out of warranty. 

    Not sure, why do they want to replace it? instead of their usual repair process?

  • when buying my fenix 6x pro watch, I bought a protective film on the glass, so I don’t have scratches.

  • A used replacement? I my case it was a used watch. But what use is it to you? It has probably the same coating and will scratch as easy as your original device, additionally it could have blue backlight, mushy buttons, bad barometer. Just get rid of the coating.

  • I requested them for Epix 2 Sapphire for exchange which is little bit better than Power Sapphire glass. I have to pay $800 (20% off retail) + $270 (service fee) and return my F7x SS which is ridiculous and more than $999 retail price. 

  • No more Garmin and get a Coros/Polar watch.

  • Actually, I think you are wrong when you say that quartz will scratch a sapphire glass. It has glass in the name but it’s not glass. Ruby and sapphire are varieties of corundum, which is a crystal and not a glass; it is a 9 in the Mohs scale and so should be scratched only by diamond. 
    I guess that people who say this is just the coating that has been scratched are right. Unless Garmin is lying in saying that we have a sapphire glass in our watch. 
    I’ve had a Fenix 7 sapphire for a while, I haven’t treated it too badly but it has no scratches yet on the screen while it already has a few in the bezel. Previously I’ve had for almost ten years a Suunto Ambit 3 with sapphire screen. I have treated it VERY badly. It has scratches all over the watch except for the screen which is still as it was when I took the watch out of the box. 

  • So Garmin doesn't recommend screen protector, but when the screen get scratched, You have no chance to warranty repair. That make sense!

  • I have a Garmin Marq Adventurer it's immaculate. I noticed a either a hairline crack or a scratch on the glass when some condensation hit it. The funny thing is you can't see it at all only with a fine mist on it.

    I contacted Garmin asking for it to be checked out as I was thinking this was a manufacturing flaw. Like I said there isn't a mark on it at all. There answer was it's a scratch so its they want 680 GBP to replace it.

    It's ridiculous, to scratch a sapphire glass takes a good bit of effort and it will leave a visible mark. Garmin are not interested in any other explanations, it's simply black or white.