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System Software 8.37

Hello Fenix 7 users,

We have made a minor change to software version 8.35, and we are now on software version 8.37.  This update has been fully released. 

Change Log

Added ability to delete Strength workouts from device.
Added the ability to add workout related "interval" fields (speed, pace, time, distance, and reps) to any configurable data screen.
Added feedback for installation angle reset for bike power meters.
Fixed issue causing roads to not draw on the map at times.
Fixed issue where Connect IQ glances would not show if multiple were present.
Fixed issue causing erroneous Storage Full messages.
Fixed inability to calibrate treadmill distance.
Fixed issue causing manual Wi-Fi sync to fail with server connection error.
Fixed inability to remove Connect IQ apps via phone.
Fixed a few UI issues with the Tides app.
Fixed a potential shutdown with multisport activities when using Connect IQ data fields.
Fixed not being able to re-add the main data screen in the Fish activity.
Fixed issue where the Health Snapshot activity could connect to external sensors.
Fixed an issue where the golf map and green contours would not be drawn correctly after a fresh download to the device.
Fixed golf green contour line density in some scenarios.
Fixed issue with power modes in activity reverting to normal mode.
Fixed issue causing some users to receive poor Cycling VO2 Max and Performance Condition estimates.
Updated translations.