Fenix 7 Series - software version 8.13 - Public Beta

Hello Fēnix 7 and Epix customers,

We are excited to announce that the first Beta update for the fēnix 7 and Epix series is now available!

If you’ve participated in the Beta Program with previous Fēnix product lines, you’ll notice a few changes from how we have managed this in the past. And further down the line, we’ll have some additional improvements to the Beta Program (more on that later!) Notably, the fēnix 7/Epix watches use one single update file to update system software and peripheral updates (GPS version, Wireless version, etc.) So you no longer need to install multiple update files. Additionally, this forum post is now the primary resource for reading the change log notes – they are not available on another webpage. (There will be more options for viewing change logs after we implement the additional improvements to our beta program.)

The links to download the software update are listed below. Select the link specific to your watch model: fēnix 7X, fēnix 7, or fēnix 7S. Please note that your computer will download a .zip file when you open this link.

  • This zip contains the software update and instructions for installation in the 'Read Me.txt' file. We have also provided a folder with the files necessary for backdating software, and instructions for this process if you choose to do so. Remember, backdating software will reset all settings.
  • Please note: the included secure_config.gcd file should also be installed to your watch. This file will enable a few "beta features." For example, it will provide you with the option to reboot your watch (turn off and automatically turn back on). It will also automatically generate some files if you encounter certain issues. In short, if you are using beta software, you should also always have this file installed: it will make your use of the watch easier, and make it easier for you to report issues in software.
  • Please email the Garmin Outdoor Quality Team if you find issues in software after installing this update: [email protected]

Use these links to download the zip for your watch to update to version 8.13:

Change log for version 8.13 (changes since v7.35):

  • Added to and improved ability to modify settings in Garmin Connect mobile app.
  • Added Adventure Race start and end time to post activity summary UI.
  • Added Acclimation, Pace, and Detailed Speed to post activity summary UI.
  • Added ability to perform Map Manager wifi map downloads when connecting to a computer as well.
  • Added download time estimation to map manager.
  • Added support for preloaded maps to update via map manager (Golf and Ski maps, etc.)
  • Added ability to toggle smart notifications in notifications and alerts menu.
  • Added ability to change the record activity setting mid-round for Golf.
  • Added new watch face data field types: 1, 2, 3 item raw data fields, sunrise/sunset, calories.
  • Added a time zone data field option to watch faces.
  • Added Body Battery watch face chart option.
  • Added Steps chart as a possible watch face data field.
  • Added ability to go back to a Connect IQ watch face while in an activity.
  • Added option menu to Heart Rate app.
  • Added Stamina fields to the Adventure Racing activity.
  • Added a message that displays when heart rate dependent features are launched when Heart Rate tracking setting is disabled.
  • Added Fitness Age display to User Profile settings.
  • Added Streak display to Steps widget.
  • Added Connect IQ System 5 support.
  • Added Fish activity.
  • Added Green Contours support to golf.
  • Added Bouldering metrics screen to activity summary.
  • Added Endurance Horseback Riding activity.
  • Added support for TM2 position formatting.
  • Added a side options menu to the sleep widget.
  • Added a strength metrics screen to activity summary.
  • Added Compass settings to the Adventure Race options menu.
  • Added indoor climbing metrics screen to activity summary.
  • Added support for the following Extended Display data fields: Stamina, steps, active calories, and battery hours.
  • Added Enhanced Strength functionality, which includes an improved workout preview with a map of muscles that will be used, improved User Interface in free mode and workouts,
  • and improvements to the Rep and Weight editing experience.
  • Added ability to access action menus via touchscreen tap.
  • Added prompt when user tries to start a Connect IQ app that records an activity when an activity is already being recorded.
  • Changed backlight keys setting to Keys and Touch - disabling Backlight response for button presses will now also prevent the backlight from responding to Touchscreen input.
  • Changed wording of “Stand” time to “Idle” time.
  • Improved map UI when selecting a point while on the map.
  • Improved timer alarm design.
  • Improved sleep detection.
  • Improved User Interface (UI) of InReach app.
  • Improved power mode UI.
  • Improved touch support in some places.
  • Improvements made to map manager map download.
  • Improvements and fixes made to Health Snapshot.
  • Improved wording of sleep mode touch setting to be “auto” and “off.”
  • Improved an issue where the device could report 0 swimming distance (some cases of this bug are still possible, we are continuing to work on this issue and aim to have it completely resolved soon.)
  • Fixed issue with Connect IQ ActivityInfo::distanceToDestination.
  • Fixed issue with saved location icon.
  • Fixed issues with calendar widget glance.
  • Fixed inability to access controls menu when in critically low battery mode.
  • Fixed issue with minimum value on Intensity Minutes graph.
  • Fixed issue where timer would be allowed to start when in a map activity and doing an altitude calibration.
  • Fixed potential issue where Main Menu could not be opened.
  • Fixed UI issues on Garmin Pay wallet page.
  • Fixed missing 'sync complete' message after download a Connect IQ app via Wi-Fi through the Connect IQ Store app on device.
  • Fixed potential issue where a user could get stuck in the lap banner.
  • Fixed issue where device could be unlocked by any key after having been locked via hot key.
  • Fixed many translations and localization issues.
  • Fixed Nautical Speed setting in windsurf activity.
  • Fixed issues with watch face race predictor data field.
  • Fixed issue where ski maps could show wrong positions.
  • Fixed issue where the music widget wouldn’t always time out.
  • Fixed issue where activity summary would display incorrect information for multisport activities.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when saving an activity and using a CIQ data field.
  • Fixed issue where wrist gestures would not work when a power mode is enabled.
  • Fixed potential map coloring issues with certain maps.
  • Fixed missing course line on map when racing an activity.
  • Fixed issue with touchscreen disabled during data screen previews.
  • Fixed potential issue with sending/receiving InReach messages.
  • Fixed potential InReach remote issue where message would contain bad characters.
  • Fixed issue where turning off system vibrations would also turn off haptic vibrations.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Instructions for updating software:

  • Download the .zip specific to your watch, using the links above.
  • Connect the watch to your computer.
  • Following the included 'Read Me.txt' file, install the included gupdate.gsp file to the Primary\Garmin folder on your watch.
  • Disconnect the watch from the computer and it will prompt you to update software.

After updating, your watch will be running the following software versions. These can be confirmed on the Menu – System – About pages.

  • Primary Software Version: 8.13
    • This is the number on the very first About page. This number should always match the “Host” version number written on the 5th About page.
  • GPS: 2.32
  • Wireless: 24.61
  • Sensor Hub: 18.00
  • Touch Screen: 3.02

Garmin Outdoor Quality Team