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Jaybird brand headphones disconnect (IE: Vista/Tara/etc.)

Just a fair warning for anyone expecting a major improvement, the jaybird headphone disconnection issues are still present in the latest firmware. The only way to fix it is still downgrading the Bluetooth firmware to 5.04. It’s been months from Garmin with no proper fix, and I’ve sent multiple emails.

P.S. I did have a brief period of respite on beta 16.30, but after the disconnections during my run today rendering the headphones useless I’m not sure if that was just pure luck.

  • @Garmin-Chris I've sent to a PM.

  • Same problem with Samsung Galaxy Buds.

    Random disconnects started to occur with BT FW greater than 5.04

  • I do not use my 6X for music, but I did try music with my 5X+ and Galaxy Buds. I found disconnections with the watch on the left wrist, but not when worn on the right wrist.

    A solution which worked for me was to first connect the left bud to the watch, leaving the right bud in the closed case until I had a connection established. Then remove the right bud and place it into your ear and you should be good to go.

    The problem is that your body and head block the signal between watch and bud when they are on opposite sides of the body. Since the Galaxy Buds can connect to the watch with either bud (right appears to be the default) forcing connection to the left bud first removes the obstacle. Some earbuds only permit connection to the right bud and then retransmit the signal to the left bud. Others are more flexible. 

    I don't know if this has anything at all to do with the Jaybird problem, but it might solve your Galaxy problem.

    Another thing that might be a factor for anyone is how much Bluetooth noise is around you when you use music. At home alone there won't be much interference and the signal can bounce off walls to reach the earphone on the opposite side of the body. Outdoors there is nothing to bounce the signal. Add in multiple other users or busy radio spectrum, such as in a crowded city, and things might get more tricky still.

    It's observations like these that might help Garmin engineers to pinpoint the problem. 

  • Thanky you for your reply eezytiger

    I only use music on my Fenix 6X Pro when riding an indoor bike.

    I don't think there is a problem with poor bluetooth signal. When I select an activity, current BT connection drops and the pairing screen appear (6-digit number). Sometimes the connection is re-established, sometimes not. BT also drops during activities. If you just listen to music without an activity everything works fine.

    Exactly the same problem is also if I use a large Sennheiser Momentum II Over Ear headset. I didn't have these problems until FW 5.04. 

  • Yeah same ongoing issue myself. Jaybird Vista headphones drop out signal shortly after starting a run, usually within 3 to 5 minutes. It only happens after an update has been made. Unfortunately I only have a phone and an ipad, so no way of rolling back the update to an earlier version that works. I just have to run in silence until it gets fixed, usually after 2 weeks or so. Not ideal. It's happened the last 3 updates now. 

    I'm sure any runners here can relate to how frustrating it is to finish a hard day at work, step out for a run to decompress, only to have your headphones bail on you in the first 700 metres of a 10k run.

    Hope this is resolved swiftly.

  • Chris, thanks for the update. I'm having trouble with seeing an option to send you a private message, so I figured I would reply here. I would like to be added to this update when a new one is available. 

  • I'm having trouble with seeing an option to send you a private message,

    If you're on a computer, then hover mouse over the name then select "Send a private message."

    Or go here -

  • I thought they had fixed it in the Beta as I managed a whole run without it disconnecting once but then the next run it disconnected again, so have switched back to my uncomfortable for running Sony headphones until the issue is sorted. :/

  • Jaybird said that the next Update will solve this …

  • where did you get that Jaybird info from ?