Garmin Pay - Revolut

It now says that Revolut MasterCard is accepted on Garmin Pay in the UK. I have just opened an account and tried to add it but the connect app says the bank is not participating!

Which is it Garmin??
  • I have just got my Revolut Visa physical card to work after trying months ago and not succeeding. So it seems all is now good for Revolut cards in the UK.

  • Portugal user here (a country here supposedly Revolut doesn't support with Garmin nor Google Pay):

    Was able to add both my Visa & Mastercard physical cards to Garmin Pay and used them both without problems for a month now.

    (No workarounds needed)

  • Hi! @Benny Danny I'm a portuguese user too ;) When you say Mastercard and Visa to which cards do you refer? Revolute or other banks?

    Thanks (Obrigado)

  • Hi! Only Revolut. I've tried also Curve and N26 and didn't work. Also, there isn't (as far as I know) a Portuguese bank that supports Garmin pay.

    You're welcome ( de nada!) ;)

  • Has this been fixed as the Garmin website states revolut Visa and Mastercard are supported in the UK, but when I attempt to register the card it states the issuing bank are not yet supported users?

  • My revolut Mastercard works but it was a pig to set up.  You have to authorise it through the app but it was very hit and miss and took about half a dozen attempts

  • Mine works, and set up with no problems

  • Fenix user here, I'm in Italy where Garmin state that Revolut (visa, mastercard) is supported.

    It's not.

    In my family someone else was able to add his Revolut (visa, virtual) to _my_ wallet in Garmin Pay (my cell, my app, my watch). It worked.

    However, my _own_ Revolut (visa, virtual and physical) cannot be added to my Garmin Pay wallet !!!!!!! The error I receive from Garmin Connect app state the following: "this bank doesn't parecipate in Garmin Pay". Even if a different card was added before!!!

    Since September 2020, I've opened a ticket with Garmin, discussed with support _but_ I'm still waiting for an update.

    As you can see, by changing ONLY the Revolut card the same hardware doesn't work anymore.

    Garmin: Apple Pay and Google Pay work out of the box. And Apple Watch cost the same as a Fenix.

    Edit 20201206:

    I've just received an answer from Garmin support. Basically they state that the problem is with Revolut, not with Garmin. 

    I've contacted Revolut, asking if my card is supported for Garmin pay and they said that they have some technical limitations as they are still launching this service (with Garmin pay).

    How is it possible that Garmin state they are supporting a bank (Revolut) while the bank does not support the service?????? Garmin cannot support half of a service!

    So my question: are all the banks listed as supported by Garmin really working and supported by the banks themselves? 

    So while choosing a Garmin smartwatch for digital payments please consider this question.

  • These posts are 2 years old.  Is Revolut visa now working? If so how was it fixed? I have been talking to Garmin for the few weeks and they can't help so far...