Descent Mk3i display type

Hi people !

Will be there a Garmin Descent MK3i with the transreflective display ? I think the MIPS display was realy a profesionnal feature on that smartwatch and an advantage.

The Amoled displays are so kiddy, childy, with all that animations and colours are more for children (I think) . PS - Will I be able play wolfenstein 3D on the smartwatch : ) or other games,  solitaire ? : )

Has the amoled burn-in problem ?

Has it a feature with always on display without backlit, like on MIPS display ?

Thank you

  • There isn't a backlight on AMOLED, each pixel is an LED. There is an always on mode which works very well.

    No, there isn't any burn in, Garmin addressed this in software and it's not been a problem on their watches.

    MIP isn't a good screen for SCUBA diving, it's designed to be sunlight readable and low energy. Diving is not in sunlight, so bright AMOLED is a better choice, given that Garmin watches don't need the extra battery power. These will last a week of diving between charges.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I understand all the advantages of amoled against MIP but there are many advantages of MIP against amoled too.

    At least using MK3i as an universal watch for all activities plus diving , there will be only a 1-5% diving time between other activities and daily usage so this could be only a 1/20 - 1/100 of advantage from all.

    However I still hope we will get a MK3i with MIP display in next months as MIP is a really cool feature and we have a watch on hand, not a black circle.

    I believe somebody is amoled positive , but there are many items with amoled , like cheaper series of garmin smartwatches and other marks like xiaomi, polar, ... but only a few with colour MIP. So I don't think that a competition with amoled in a ocean of amoleds is something interesting .

    P.S. the biggest problem with amoleds are they possibilities :) manufacturers tend to overkill normal things with mindless  animations, coloured bars, shadows, smiles, anything you can imagine. I think the young programmers will again try to make from a simple and good smartwatch an animated something for children. Sorry, but this is not  ideal for a 50+ man who is spending 2000 USD for a smartwatch. And children will rather buy an cheap amoled for max 300 USD or go for a xiaomi with all that nicee animations and coloured lines and their next requirement will be playback of instagram videos on amoled smartwatch :)

    you should agree, 11 days of battery life with amoled always-on mode is not a game changer . if you do an activity every day, this could fall down to 3-5 days 

    have a nice day

  • AMOLED has only one very bad issue. Probable burnin in although so far so good with iPhones, AW, and Epix and Tactix. As for battery life it is actually greater than what Garmin quoted. It is 11 days with AOD on and multiple GPS sessions and close to over 15-16 days with zero GPS usage. I don’t know about AOD off as I don’t use it but I heard it can go over one month. The only complaint I have is in bright sun it is impossible to see AOD in dimmed mode. 

  • yes I will agree with you 
    wearing back circle is not really nice as Garmin event blocked function gesture at least in current software version 
    and in dive activity in config always on was not available - didn't try to dive yes 
    but of rme it will be the same diving few days a year ant the rest using it as a watch + some activities during the week 
    so decided to send it back as black screen make me crazy back to my fenix6x :-( 

    waiting for MK3 with MIPS display

  • I love the AMOLED. And I am 50+. Even 60+…. Had the Mk1, then Mk2i and now Mk3i. And the Mk3i display is great :-). 

  • happy for you :-) 

    I didn't notice a big difference between feni6x and mk3i 
    except black screen when I wanted to check time or stats during activities 

  •  But my screen doesn’t go black, nor as a watch or during activities. Yes, it goes a bit darker in low power mode, but I can still see the time or the activity data. Actually pretty much as on the Mk2i in low power mode without the backlight on… Have you turned on AOD during activity? 

  • oooh 
    so maybe this was connected with software - or watch was faulty
    as in menu option always on was not availbale 

  • Yes, strange. I can set Always on or off “During activity” and for “General use”. During “In-Dive” it is always on, can’t turn the AOD off during diving. It is under the setting of Display…

  • yes it is strange and on my even for dive it was turned off and I couldn't change it