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Descent Mk3/Mk3i - Series Product Announcement

We are happy to announce the new Descent MK3 and MK3i!

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Key New Features:

  • AMOLED Display – a bright 1.2” or 1.4” AMOLED display with scratch-resistant sapphire lens.
  • The case is now 200-meter dive-rated.
  • Metal leakproof inductive buttons.
  • Multiple diving modes for recreational to technical scuba diving and freediving.
  • The Descent Mk3i (51mm) version has a built-in (LED) flashlight for above or below the water with variable intensities and strobe modes in either red or white light.
  •  DiveViewTm maps offer bathymetric depth contours and more than 4,000 dive sites to help you find where to dive and get oriented.
  • A new Dive Readiness Tool, developed by Garmin, shows how lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and jet lag can affect your body’s overall preparedness for diving.
  •  The Descent Mk3i features SubWaveTm sonar technology for diver-to-diver communication via preset messages along with support for monitoring tank pressures, depth, and distance for up to 8 divers when paired with a Descent T2 transceiver (sold separately).
  • The Descent T2 has Air Integration for up to 8 tanks.