D2 Charlie USB Mass Storage

All of a sudden, my D2 Charlie has stopped connecting to any computer (I've tried 2 Macs and an older PC on Windows 10).  The watch will charge via the USB plug, but will not connect to the computer; in hopes of using Garmin Express.  I am now on 5.60; and have no problem connecting to Garmin Connect on my iPhone (except when the phone is powered off and the app resets itself).  I have tried a hard reset.  I have ordered a new cable and confirmed that it works properly with other devices.  I can successfully connect other Garmin devices to the computer and use Garmin Express.  I have toggled USB mode from Mass Storage to Garmin and back again.  For the longest time; it was stuck trying to update an app (was stuck in Connect Mobile with Sending Update); but that appears to have ended.  I don't know what else it could be.

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