Fenix 5 plus worth it?

I know this may annoy a few peeps but I needed the input just to weigh the pros and cons.

So I've been an avid runner for the last year or two and have been gradually increasing my distance and interest with the goal at the moment is my first marathon in November (woot woot).

Currently I'm using the Samsung Gear S3 frontier to track my runs but I've been seriously aiming for the Fenix 5 Plus for the last year or so and have been saving up for it (Student life and all).

I'm very pro F5+ but I kinda want some outside opinions from people who have a bit more experience in using it, especially when it comes to running. I would love to increase my swimming and cycling and stuff with the aim for a triathlon in the near future so the watch will also be a big future investment.

In terms of reading up and watching videos I've done it all, I just want some hands on experience information based on using the watch itself, the weight (in terms of irritability), the UI (coming from a smart watch specifically since the gear S3 is more smart watch focused than sport focused) and how well it pairs with their other devices such as the HRM and your phone.

Thanks for your patience everyone :)

P.S. I'm from South Africa so I'm planning on ordering it from Amazon US and having someone bring it through since it'll save me a TON of money as opposed to buying it here in SA so I'll appreciate all the info I can since my deadline is closing in soon. :)