Watch sometimes skips a minute

I noticed my watch sometimes skips a minute. For example at 13:06:59 it goes back to 13:06:00. After a minute it goes to 13:08:00.
The watch is on version 2.80
  • Mine was doing the same thing- at 10:58:59pm the seconds disappeared and it stayed on 10:58 for a full two minutes. I wanted to wear it 24/7 for the health and fitness tracking. But since I work for the railroad and need an accurate watch, I can't wear it six days a week for 10-12 hours that I work, which completely defeats the purpose. This is not even close to being acceptable, especially in a $300 watch.Just printed out the return label. It's going naxk tomorrow. Back to the Casio Multiband 6, while I continue to wait for a smartwatch that,you know, also functions as a watch.

    • Hi!

    My instinct was doing exactly the same thing. Now I have an Instinct 2 solar and does the same thing. Disappointed Cmon Garmin, a software update cannot fix it???