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Help - InReach SE keeps asking me to reactivate


I used my InReach SE last a few years ago, with an old email address and account. I'm off on a big trip tomorrow and needed to reactive. I tried with my old account, but kept running into some unknown error on the PC when selecting the plan. As a result, I decided to create a new account with an email address I currently use and details all up to date. I made the payment and successfully activated the device.

However, a few moments after getting confirmation of successful activation, I got the 'must be reactivated' sign come back up again on the device screen. I went outside, reactivated successfully again, and sent a successful test message. Then it happened again - the 'must be reactivated' sign...

I'm not sure what's going wrong... the plan and payment have gone through, but it keeps telling me I need to reactivate...

Has anyone got any advice? I'm off tomorrow and need this to be sorted!


  • Hello, I will be closing this thread as it is a device we no longer have an active forum for. However, the reactivate message may be the message all of our inReach devices show at startup "Warning messagin tracking and sos require an active subscription always test your device before you go" this is just a warning that the device has to have a subscription. I do not know the exact message you are getting but it sounds like that may be it. I would also recommend making sure to sync your device Updating inReach Firmware and Syncing Account Changes with inReach Sync

    The best route would still be to contact Product Support directly for assistance with your device as this is not an official support channel.