Inreach mini2 vs messenger

I know there where plenty of comparisions about those 2.

but my question is can you still use/type/read messes on inreach messenger (cant seem to see buttons on it). or do you have to have mobile phoen with you to use it?

Reaseon i'm asking is that me and my wife are thinking of getting some but we would need 2 devices one for each of us - me on bike (no signla) and her with dogs hiking same time (also no signal) - so to be in contact (if it is needed) we will need 2 devices. 

and for the price of 2 inreach mini2, i can almost get 3messengers - so obvious cost cut there.

i know that messenger doesn't look as good and rugged as the mini (especially with the mini nice clip to actually attach it to backpack).

but that cost saving could almost be used for +/-2years of activation and montly subscriptions Slight smile

thank you for all your help.

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    In any situation where you carry and use an inReach device, you should also carry a power bank. Not doing this I consider irresponsible and bad contingency planning.

    But you say that your device has such great battery life? Yes, until a user mistake happens. Like when I thought I turned off my Mini 2 and stashed it away in a pocket.

    The device had unsent messages, did not turn off and used the whole evening and night trying to connect to Iridium, depleting the battery. This I only noticed next morning when turning the device on.

    Thankfully, I had a power source for charging.

  • Yes, and it may happen, if you are covered by trees etc. and have a bad gps/irdidium or no connection, the device will constantly try to get a connection and that will burn a lot of battery (and you may recognize this to late...).

  • Hi Daniel, sorry for the Lazarus post thing but I'm trying to decide between the Mini2 and the Messenger. I also have the Fenix 7 and will be mainly navigating between that and my phone. The messenger has a better antenna, battery, and messaging capability, why shouldn't I get that vs the Mini2?