earthmate on windows 10

Seeing as earthmate doesnt work on windows what is susposed to be used on windows to do earthmate stuff?

  • I'm not sure I understand the question. Earthmate is the mobile app which is used with legacy iR devices (for example, Explorer+) and well as the Mini. It provides no unique functionality other than purely mobile things, such as displaying your position on its map on your phone. There is no Windows equivalent for that.

    For both legacy devices and the Mini, Earthmate can be used to sync data between your account at and the device. To do this on a PC, use the desktop Sync program. 

    The sync Program also delivers firmware updates to legacy devices. To get firmware updates for the Mini, use Garmin Express.

    I do not remember if Earthmate has any facilities for route planning. If so, the equivalent functionality is on the Map tab for your account at

    If I've missed anything, please post a specific question.

  • Slow down turbo I didn't mean to do nothing wrong. I apologize. I just got a PC and only had a tablet before since I retired as a civil engineer in 2012, I was a windowsNT guy. Trying to figure it all out now. 

    I just want to figure out what Garmins plan is and how to use it the Garmin way.

    1. So there is no Earthmate app or program for PC's?  And Garmins plan is to have users login to and do Earthmate stuff from there like use the Map tab?  

    2. If users do not have wifi to login is it possible to use maps something like that on a PC? What if there is no wifi or cel (cant use cel with PC)? Like Kelly Creek by Stanley Idaho.

    I have no wifi or cel alot fishing and hunting. And I plan on taking to laptop everywhere, like Bear Valley Idaho or 40 miles out in the ocean from the mouth of the Columbia River. 

    I have the following Garmin devices:

    Etrex LegendCX

    2 Rhino 755t

    Inreach SE (old style)

    I am going to upgrade my fishing gadgets with Garmin 93 or 1024 (model numbers something like that) with Panoptix.

    Thanks you very much from the center of my soul for answering.

    Kevin DeRossett

  • Hi Kevin, 

    >>1. Yes & Yes

    >>2. Short answer: No.  Explore site is online only, it manages your waypoints, tracks, routes, etc.  Then sync with your SE while still online.  So you will need some kind of internet connection both to use the Explore site and to sync.  The Explore map tab does require a steep learning curve as it has very many moving parts interacting with each other.  Online Help is more or less useful.  I don't do much with the Explore maps, just organize my InReach waypoints and routes when necessary.  But yes I believe that there's some route planning available.

    I'm not familiar with your other Garmin devices, and I think they use other protocols besides the Explore site.

  • so why even try to get users to sign up or download something that will not work unless have wifi or connection to internet. As a hunter trying torely on this out in wilderness is very frustrating and puts hunter in a perilous situation. Think this is ment to be an offline app. I stand corrected, but think saw it is downloadable for windows???

  • AFAIK, there is no Earthmate app for windows. Apple iOS or Android only.

    This old thread tangles up online only things like the web site with the app.

    To call Earthmate an online or offline app is an oversimplification. Some features - for example, sycning data or f/w updates - require an Internet connection. Other features are designed to be used without an Internet connection but WITH a compatible paired inReach device.

    One of the features which requires an Internet connection is downloading  maps to the Earthmate app for use in the field (without an Internet connection in the field). 

    One way to think of the app is as a remote control for the device. And as a way to provide maps for devices which do not have them.

    See this article for an intro.