Moral of the story- Don't wait to reactive your Freedom Plan till the day of your trip!

Yesterday I purposely reactivated my Freedom Plan since I'll be on a trip starting in 6 days.  Easy right?  Nope.. this is what happened: (see picture below with orange note... "pending plan change...".  Went thru the tech support FAQs.  Re-synced.  Stared at device really hard.  Nothing.  Nada.

I waited the night to see if something would change.  Nope.  I called Garmin support.  Fast pickup... knowledgeable guy who tried to fix, then tried to get help, then got back on line with me to say they're going to submit a ticket.  Should be fixed in a couple hours.  Cut to tonight... with a respectful email from Garmin saying they are working on the issue that has appeared elsewhere today as well... so I'm not the only one.   I was curious to see if they'd report an outage on the status page under "service activation and billing".  The color for today is green, meaning no issues, however where there is usually an "operational" line above the section, right now it says "under maintenance".   Okay... benefit of the doubt... perhaps its just a few units experiencing the problem?  (a bit hard to believe, but possible).  Fact is, there IS an issue which remains un-solved at this moment. 

One thing that IS working?  The billing system.  This morning I promptly received a bill for the re-activation of my unit.  Flawless and worked as advertised.  I added to my email back to tech support... I'm hoping they'll credit back the days I don't have access to the system.  I'm sure they'll tell me billing is handled by a different division.   I ASSUME they'll straighten this out before my trip, but I wanted to share a word to the wise... don't wait till last minute to reactivate!

  • Update-  7/9  Status page now reads "operational" for activation and billing, even though my activation is still stuck, and they've replied back to me saying there are more issues of this happening.  So the status page seems not very accurate.

  • The status page is only as good as what Garmin chooses to report. To give them the benefit of the doubt, they can only show what they have actually noticed. OTOH, I suspect they don't want to look bad. So if the problem only affects a few users, or only affects a little-used function, they may choose not to show it.

  • This is excellent advice. You did the right thing by attempting to reactivate almost a week before the trip. 

    BTW, the same thing applies to registering and activating a device for the first time. Do not wait until the last minute!