delete a recorded track from mapshare

How can I delete a recorded track from mapshare? Deleted the trip info and alll protocols from the device and did a sync. Still seeing the old track on my mapshare map. Any ideas - thanks a lot!
  • The only way I know of is to go to "History" and delete the history points.
  • With regard to MapShare specifically, the easiest thing to do is to set the earliest date for which visitors can see data. You can do this from the MapShare options on your account at Start on the Social tab and look for the options buttons. Of course, this assumes that it's the oldest data which you want to hide.
  • Go to the Map tab while logged in (not as a public viewer) and expand the "tracks" link under your name. You can then select each Track Summary and click the bin icon as shown in the attached screenshot. It will then no longer be visible to viewers of your public or password-protected MapShare link. Deleting points or messages on your device does not remove them from
  • Note that this also removes it permanently from your account, not just from MapShare.
  • I'd like to agree with NathanaelC and twolpert, but that's not the behavior I'm seeing. I have gone to my account and deleted all messages and, employing the method described by NathanelC, deleted all tracks.

    They disappear from the left column, yet still show on the map (photo #1)

    Each delete says it can't be undone (Photo #2)

    If I subsequently log out and back in, they are in the left column again. (photo #3)
  • I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but when I am getting ready to start hike or bike ride, I go to tracking and click on "Clear" in the bottom right. Click on that and I see "Clear the track log?" Click on the newly appeared "Clear", then click on "Reset All" or "Reset Trip". This seems to work ok for reducing the clutter, at least on the inReach. It doesn't remove the tracks on the map on my PC or Earthmate, though
  • I've never actually looked at it thoroughly. But even if everything is working correctly on the web site (sounds like it might not be), the data on the device interacts with the data on the web site during a sync. So if you don't also delete the data from the device, it may well reappear on the web site the next time you sync. To further complicate things, on the device you have both the sent track points (which show up in history) and the logged track points (which show up on the map and as "used space" on the tracking screen). The latter is what wstaraka is referring to immediately above. To fully remove the lines from the maps, you need to clear out both sent points and logged points.

    Also note that both wired sync (USB cable connecting the inReach to your PC) and OTA sync (via the Earthmate app with a Bluetooth connection between device and phone) transfer track data.
  • OK, finally got a chance to poke around with this again. Went to each individual device and cleared everything in sight, including History, then did a sync on all and all remained clean. What a pain, but at least I don't have all that old stuff cluttering things up.
  • Hello, I realize this is an older thread however in my search to accomplish the same thing I found a way that worked for me at least. On my public mapshare page I was not able to delete tracks I had recorded with my new inreach mini that I was testing to get to know the unit. 

    I had to go to and login. When I first set up the inreach mini it automatically created a collection "sent to mapshare". I found the track in there and selected it. A bin symbol to delete shows up there in the upper right had corner when you expand the track. I pressed this and the track entry in the column disappeared but the track stayed on the map and was selectable. From there I found the track again in my "unorganized" folder in the library and was able to select and delete that. The track then disappeared off the map and is now gone completely on my mapshare page. 

  • When this thread started, there were no collections.

    To be clear, no data actually exists IN a collection. All the real data exists in the library. Collections are just "pointers" into the library data. Collections are mostly used to control what is sync-d between the device and the Explore web site (oversimplification there).

    MapShare can tell the difference between a random visitor and the MapShare page owner - as long as the owner is logged in when visiting MapShare. That said, I am not sure that it would allow you to delete anything from there. The safest thing to do (in so far as anything is safe) is to manipulate ALL your data from - not from MapShare.

    Personally, I handle hiding things on MapShare by setting the "earliest date shown". It's easy and (the last time I looked) reliable for hiding things without destroying data.

    Deleting the track from library is equivalent to deleting it from the explore web site in the old days. When you delete it from the library, it is gone. References to it will be automatically removed from any collections as well.

    This still leaves the data on the device itself. I suspect that it will reappear on the web site the next time you sync. It IS a bi-directional sync. But the originator of the data (in this case, the Mini that recorded the track) takes precedence.

    Bottom line: If it comes back after the sync, delete it from the device AND from the library before you sync again.