Possible BUG: Strength Workout - Next Step

just started the winter training program at the Gym and I've created custom workouts with various repeats. I've got up to 10 different exercises to do and I can't remember them all, of course. My problem is that the watch is not displayng the next exercise description during the "rest" phase in repeats. I'll try to explain myself better:

I've created a "repeat" with a "workout" phase and a "rest" phase. The last "rest" phase of the repeat is not showing the NEXT repeat exercises type but actually the LAST one (or the current repeat exercise type). Also at the end of the "rest" phase /beginning of workout phase, no description of the exercise is shown.

I did some experimentation to overcome this problem and found out that If I change the "rest" phase to "Cool down", the next exercise description IS shown at the end of phase. From this I argue if there is a bug in the "rest" phase. This is anyways not a valid solution as the exercise phase would start right away after displaying the description, not giving me the time me move to the next gym area/training machine.

Another workaround is to insert a standalone additional "rest" phase between repeats. This would fix. The conclusion is that if the rest phase is inside a repeat it will only show the description of the current repeat exercise, meanwhile if it is as a stand alone workout step it will actually show the description of next phase.

Is this by design or a bug?

Thank you