Pairing Fenix 5 Plus with iPhone

Everyday I need to pair my Fenix 5 Plus with my iPhone.. Does anyone has this problem? (all devices are updated)

  • I am sorry you have the issue. Taking into account the time you have owned your watch, it could be a serious issue developed with your watch's Bluetooth software or sensor but there are a series of steps you can do that might resolve your issue.

    Please try the following:

    - Consider updating iOS on your iPhone. (I have personally had occasional odd Bluetooth issues since I updated my iPhone to iOS v17.xx.) 

    - Remove your watch out of the Connect Mobile APP

    - Remove your watch from your iPhone's > Setting > Bluetooth > My Devices menu by using "Forget this Device."

    - Delete your Connect Mobile APP off your iPhone and download it again from your Apple APP store.

    - Reset your watch starting with a hard reset. Hold down your top left button until your watch shuts off then let go of the button.

    Once off, reset to defaults:

    - Bluetooth pair your watch directly through your Connect Mobile APP.