Fenix 5s Plus always displays the screen (with backlight) when exercising issue

My Fenix 5s plus always displays the screen (with backlight) when exercising and I cant seem to switch off this feature. It can be fully charged and after a 4 hour hike recording my route (without the nav function on), the battery can sometimes drain before I finish. Can someone help me as to where to go to switch this off. Thanks

  • Check your System > Backlight > During Activity > Timeout setting. If set to "No Timeout", either any button pressed during your activity or if  you use the Wrist Gesture and it is enabled, once your backlight is on, it will remain on indefinitely during the activity until you manually turn it off again by quick pressing your top left backlight button. Otherwise, change the Timeout to one of the timeout settings. IE: 8 seconds etc.

    If it wasn't the timeout setting being set to No Timeout, it is likely going to be a combination of your Wrist Gesture feature being enabled and your accelerometer sensor picking up your arm movement starting to go out.

    Please try the following:

    Hard Reset: Hold down your top left power button until your watch shuts off then let go of the button.

    Reset to Default: