Fenix 5X plus keeps deleting ANT/BLE/BT file.


I have a Fenix5X Plus that's started to act up recently. The ANT_BLE_BT keeps getting deleted and going back to 0.00 every 2-3 days and the battery starts draining quite quickly. I've tried a factory reset, deleted all third party apps and faces, even installed the ANT_BLE_BT file manually and used the webupdater too. Nothing so far seems to fix this problem permanently.

Is there any other solution to this?

And ideas as to what would happen if I deleted the entire Garmin folder from the watch through the PC? Would this get rid of any corrupted files?

Please help

  • I doubt that wiping the storage will fix this. The ANT/BLE module has a problem and it does not depend on files on storage.

    You could try this: obtain a beta software version for your watch (that will not be easy). Install the old software from the 'backdate' folder. Check if the version now ''sticks'. Then install the latest version again. That may re-install the software for the ANT+/BLE/BT module. I am not certain, I do not have Fenix 5 anymore. Some modules do not accept a downgrade.

    It can also be a hardware problem, in that case there is nothing you can do except calling Garmin support. Going into test/diagnostics mode might show something, but there is almost nothing you can repair yourself.

  • I tried that, I used a backdated software version (19.10) and then unplugged and it installed and then I reconnected it to my laptop and the newer version got installed with the ANT+/BLE/BT software.

    2 days later it was back to 0.00, so I plugged it back onto the laptop and after a few tries, the ANT+/BLE/BT was installed again. If this continues then I will contact Garmin support.

    Thank you so much for your time and help, I appreciate it a lot.