5s plus Display Error - moving/scrolling horizontal thin white lines


since 2 weeks I have on all screens scrolling thin white horizontal lines (somtimes only one, often 3-4).

This appeared suddendly, without a stroke or the watch falling down.

It happens on all screens - regardless of the display design. Also soft reset or hard reset did not help. 

Any clues if that is a defect of the display? Can this be repaired?

Apparently the display itself is ok, because the lines are moving, and the pixels when the line moved on, are displaying then ok.

Thanks, Stefan

  • I am sorry your watch has developed the issue. 99% of the time, although the behavior seems like a potential issue the software developed after your watch has gone sideways, it is almost always your display going out. The issue cannot be repaired. Now that we are 3 generations beyond the Fenix 5 Plus series, recertified inventory for the same watch has become less common but if you are interested in paying for a recertified model and exchanging your watch, please reach out to Outdoor Product Support in your region to see if the option is available.

  • The advice by Garmin - Chris is the best option. An alternative for some folks who are confident doing repairs on small devices is obtaining another display unit and replacing it. However displays are not cheap and most that are sold on ebay etc are taken from used devices, so will not be new. Any DIY repair carries risks and you can't assume the watch is still waterproof afterwards. So paying Garmin for a replacement is a better option.