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Fenix 5 Plus System Software 19.10

Hello Fenix 5 Plus users, 

We have fully released Software Version v19.10 and Wi-Fi v4.01. 

Change Log

Added Connect IQ System 5 support.
Improved altitude calibration.
Updated to allow up to 55 teeth on rear gear.
Fixed an issue where bike lights could turn on outside an activity.
Fixed an issue of receiving multiple inReach lost connection messages.
Fixed an issue with getting stuck in device pairing mode.
Added new alert to inform user that Wi-Fi networks configured to WEP security are no longer supported.
Added new tips to indicate which activities support incident detection.
Fixed an altimeter calibration issue with Jumpmaster activity.
Fixed issue with Pulse Ox when using Connect IQ app.
Fixed a potential issue when downloading heart rate data from a heart rate monitor after an activity.
Update translations.