See your regular watch face during activity is possible

Sorry but had to create this thread because I found nowhere what I wanted to know and found the way it can be done by accident. I don't know if it is a bug, hidden or a newly implemented feature but it can be achieved quite easily.

All you need to do is go to activity settings (you need to do this for each activity in which you want to view the watch face) and DISABLE the LAP button. Now start the activity and press LAP and voila - your watch face. If you cycle through (as normally with UP and DOWN buttons) all the widgets, it is possible you cut GPS to your activity, but if you just stay on the watch face you are fine. To go back to cycling through the activity screens, just press LAP again.

  • There is a way easier way to get watch face during activity, no need to edit all activities and sacrifice LAP functionality.
    Works for Fenix 5X+.

    All you need to do is to assign the "Widgets" to a button of your choice in system->hot keys menu. I assigned "Widgets" to  "long press START".
    Now I can see watch face during activity after long-pressing START key. You can scroll all the widgets. Press START again and you are back to activity screen (short START press).

  • MacNuts, oh my God, I was getting ready to mark you as one of those Widgeters, a method that does not work and I would swear I tried it. But obviously I did not. Sorry. Yes it really works. I can only suspect the problem is with the Czech translation of the item "Widgets", they used "Doplnky", which I reverse-engineered as "Accessories", don't know who made this stupid translation. So respect, you were right.

    My method could be interesting to people who want more Hot Keys, as it saves you one slot.