Fenix 5s plus altimeter resets to 20000m after start every activity

I set auto.cal to OFF, but on every activity start altimeter resets to 20000m. I tired other options for auto.cal. but behavior is exactly the same  - altimeter resets to 20000m. Soft and hard reset doesn't help.

SW version is 17.30

Is it some software bug or maybe hardware failure?

  • Is your temperature reading working, also have you tried calibratiing.

    My Fenix 5+ barometer failed and the two things you notice when this happens are the altimeter & temperature stop working.

    You can try dowsing the port but if not then you're probably looking at a replaced unit

  • according to temperature looks like barometer sensor is dead (

  • I also had the same problem....... With this issue the elevation of my bike races didn't exist more and there weren't more the climbed floors too.........

    I also tried the beta release 18.42 but the issue still persisted.

    So I went back to the public release 17.30 and the issue disappeared: everything is ok. I, obviously, disabled the automatic update software, otherwise Garmin Express always installs the release 18.00

  • Hi I'm having the same problem. I'm guessing I have for a while as I havnt hiked for a while and realised going up the mountain today that my altitude didn't alter from 20000m. I'm also missing floor count.....not that matters. Just frustrating as not having altitude on a mountain hike skews all other data so complete waste of time. Can someone let me have a link to version 17.30 so that I can backdate. Will try to update to the new public beta 1st though 18.42 or something. Thanks in advance peeps

  • I have now tried all of the above and still no joy. Still resets to 20000m after every activity and looks like my temperature is incorrect too. I assume this is a hardware issue. Watch is only 2 years old ffs cost a fortune. Very disappointed