Incorrect graphic at roundabout

I usually use navigation for hiking and walking.  Just for fun, over the weekend, I switched on cycle navigation during a bus ride to see if it would take the same route.  I live in HK and have routeable OWS maps installed for the region.   

The directions were correct, but I noticed an odd anomaly.  Although we drive/ride on the left in HK,  the device attempted to route in the wrong direction at roundabouts.  The written directions were correct for the exit (for example:. Take second exit at roundabout), but the graphic displayed showed the route as anti-clockwise,  i.e. drive/ride the wrong way around the roundabout.  A suicidal manoeuvre if one were to follow it.  I switched to car routing and saw the same problem.

I am not sure whether it's a map issue or a software bug - reported to Garmin support.