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Hi all,

I am wearing a Fenix watch since version 5. In contrary to many others my main decision to buy it was to have a smartwatch that is nice looking (like a real watch) and has a good battery lifetime (main reason). I am still quite happy with my decision (currently I have a Fenix 6 Pro Titanium with a titanium band) but am tempted by the Enduro watch as it seems to be a Fenix copy but having a much longer battery life. My questions:

- am I right that the Enduro watch has all the features of a Fenix 6?
- is the battery life time really that good?
- is it to be expected that the next Fenix 7(?) will have the same battery life time as the Enduro?
- how is the better battery life time achieved? Is it different hardware (except charging by sun, which is obvious) or mostly software optimizations?

Some information from people already owning one would be great!



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  • - am I right that the Enduro watch has all the features of a Fenix 6?
    I have a Fenix 6 Pro

    No, the Enduro does not have the Pro features. So no maps and no music. It is also not possible to install maps later.The processor seems to be energy-saving. The Enduro is probably slower to respond to user input or switch between widgets.

  • As said by the other poster, when compared to the Pro version of the Fenix 6 there’s no maps, music, or WiFi. But in terms of First Beat training features, available activity profiles, and things like Climb Pro, courses, Pace Pro Plans etc. there’s no loss of features.

    With less storage and a different and a new underlying platform there’s a little more room inside the case for a slightly larger battery and presumably the new platform is more energy efficient as well. I put a full charge on my Enduro on the 12th of this month and now on the 18th I’m at 89% battery remaining and that’s with an hour or more of GPS time on 4 of those 6 days.

    The release firmware could be laggy at times but the update the other day took care of that nicely and it now seems to just as responsive as my Fenix 6 Pro.

  • Thank you very much guys! I was already aware of the lack of maps, music and Wifi. Those are features I am not using on my Fenix 6 pro. One thing that I noticed yesterday is the fact that the Enduro has a size of 51mm, which is slightly bigger (4mm) than the Fenix 6.

    Thanks also for the information about the new platform! It means that most likely Garmin will use this also in upcoming Fenix models, so maybe waiting for those is a better option for me.

  • The best way to think of Enduro is Fenix 6X DLC Solar... Yes, 6X but without a Pro and with Solar bits. So, yeah, it's gonna be somewhat larger and heftier than a regular F6, though Enduro is lighter than F6X, but mostly due to its nylon strap. Put the same strap on 6X Pro Solar and the watches will be 1-2g apart in weight.

    Re: battery life... It's not just better, it's astonishing. It's much better than 6X Solar and even COROS Vertix. Basically, I forgot when I last charged this thing and I work out regularly, most of it with GPS and sensors. I used to get about 14-16 days on 6X between charges. With Enduro, I'm easily seeing closer to a month.

  • Thanks Nick!

    Yeah, it sounds amazing, but the 6X is too big for me and thus the Enduro is. I will wait for Fenix 7 and hope that Garmin will add the same hardware upgrade tehre to allow longer battery life.

  • Hi all,

    one more thing I realized is the fact that the Enduro does not have Sapphire glass. I don't want to start a new debate about whether it makes sense or not to have it, but for me a watch at that price level needs to have it. I know that the reason for that is the sun charge ability, but I'd sacrifice that as it anyways does not help that much, especially when using the watch mostly as smartwach. Let's see what Fenix 7 brings...

  • the Enduro does not have Sapphire glass
    I know that the reason for that is the sun charge ability

    There is also a Garmin model that has Sapphire glass, and still has the solar function. Tactix Delta Solar with Power Sapphire.
    So it is possible.

  • Hm... interesting. I read some other posts in the past where people were claiming that solar charging is not possible with Sapphire, that's why I wrote it. The technical datasheet states "Power Sapphire", whatever it is. Maybe it is a combination of Sapphire glass for the "clock area" and power glass on the edge where the solar panel is located. But nice to see that we can expect simlar thing in the future for the Fenix series :)