Playing Handicap still not fixed

So I'm going to try again and see if someone at Garmin will finally answer.  The Playing Handicap calculation is wrong.  It seems to work on Slope only rather than Course Rating and Slope.  Since the new system was introduced over 2 years ago, I would have thought a simple software update to fix this could have been implemented by now

  • Here's some additional info for you, and others seeing this post on how Garmin calculates handicap. 

    The Garmin Golf handicap system is based on the following: 

    • Your handicap will vary depending on which tees you play from (as selected when on the device when starting the round).
    •  One round must uploaded before we can calculate your handicap. 
    • 7 to 10 18-hole rounds before it starts to accurately reflect your real potential. The handicap calculation uses your most recent best scores so you would have to consistently perform poorly before your handicap increases. 
    • 18 holes must be played in order for the round to be applied towards the handicap calculation. 
    • The Garmin Golf app will automatically calculate a handicap for you based on the Garmin handicap system. Some devices have the ability to enter your handicap and will override the automatically calculated handicap.
    • Garmin will limit the posted score to a net double bogey for each hole. However, this limit is only for handicap calculations and will not affect what is shown on your scorecard.
    • Most Garmin golf products use the World Handicap system, but not all.
    • For products that do not use WHS, the course handicap is calculated using previous scorecards uploaded to your Garmin account using a proprietary calculation and is for use on Garmin leaderboards only. It cannot be used for golf tournaments that require a USGA Handicap Index.

    The support articles listed below are available to reference for more information: 

  • This doesn't answer the question.  Your information states that my Garmin S40 supports WHS.  So when I use the Index/Slope function and enter my HCPI it should automatically calculate the playing handicap for a given course.  Based on my experience it calculates the wrong playing handicap.  I checked manually what could be wrong and came to the conclusion that it is only using the Slope and not using the Course Rating, hence ending up with the wrong answer.  So my question is:  Can Garmin confirm that the software is NOT capable of calculating a playing handicap correctly, and if so is there any intent to fix this problem?

  • Based your last reply, it seems that you have handicap scoring switched on, within the Golf Settings menu located directly on the S40 you are using. If handicap scoring is enabled in the Golf settings on your watch, the two options offered are "Local Handicap" ...or "Index/Slope"...and this feature is specific for manual entry features. 

    Handicap scoring should only be enabled on the watch if you want to manually enter handicap during rounds for scoring, and is not based on the normal Garmin handicap system. 

    Your scorecards will calculate handicap using WHS per my verified answer above, if you simply turn off handicap scoring in the Golf Settings menu on your watch. 

    The Approach S40 is compatible manual entry though the handicap scoring feature. Handicap scoring is not the same as the Garmin handicap system, which calculated without handicap scoring being enabled...which is uses the World Handicap System. 

    Refer to the Manually Entering Handicap on a Golf Compatible Product support page for further reference if needed. 

  • Cody, thanks for the responses but I think we're talking past each other.  I'm trying to use my watch the way I expect 90% of golfers would do.  I have a HCPI and when I play any course, this is converted to a course-specific playing handicap by a formula based on Par, Course Rating and Slope, as per the WHS.  By the description in the manual, this is exactly what the Index/Slope feature is for, so that my net score can be calculated.  The Local Handicap method requires me to look up the table in the club house for the course and tees I am playing and enter the playing handicap manually.  If I disable Handicap Scoring then surely I'm only going to get a gross score and not a net score.

    So my problem is, I use the Index/Slope method, enter my HCPI and the software calculates a playing handicap for me.  All sounds good until I check it and find out it has calculated the wrong playing handicap.

  • Looking at some of the other forums (S60 and S62) I see other users are reporting similar problems and some making the comment that the Index/Slope feature doesn't work in Europe.  I'm not sure why Europe should make a difference as I understand with the introduction of WHS, the handicap calculation is the same: Course Handicap = HCPI x Slope/113 + CR - PAR.  For the purspose of normal rounds Course Handicap and Playing Handicap are the same.  Can you confirm that the Garmin software does actually use this formula?