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Can CT10 trackers be attached to a putter with a SuperStroke grip with countercore weights?

I received the starter kit CT10 trackers to go with my Approach S40 and it recommends using them in your putter and wedges. I have a SuperStroke grip with a countercore weight in the end of the grip where the tracker would normally screw into. Is there a good way to attached the tracker with my grip? Or am I out of luck?

  • I used a cork from a wine bottle. I drilled a hole in it and screwed the sensor into it because I didn't want to cut off the screw. Then I used Silicone Rubber Wrap To connect it to the top of the grip. I found red wrap so it kinda matched the grip. It still looked funky but it worked and I didn't have to sacrifice the bottom screw part of the CT10

  • The large diameter on the CT10 screw is .256, so I drilled the center out of the SS putter grip with a .250 drill. This will allow it to screw down snuggly. If it gets a little loose, since it is a tapered screw on the CT10, you can wrap it with teflon pipe tape to the tightnest that you feel good with.

  • Putter grips will have a variety of different design elements that may require extra consideration when securing the Approach CT-10 sensor into the grip end. Typically putter grips that are thicker will have a larger air hole to allow for easier installation of the grip to the club, but may not hold in the sensor as well as others... so it may be a good idea to consult with Garmin support, and the golf smith before re-gripping to gauge if the grip will allow a proper, secure installation of the CT-10, in a manner that will not risk loss, damage to the sensor, or the grip. 

    The Approach CT-10 sensors are designed to screw securely into most conventional sized golf grip design standards...but depending on the brand/model...the grip may be have design features for other accessories like a counter-weight, ball tool, ...etc that may not be ideal, so another grip type may need to be considered.