New Montana 700 Shutting off randomly

New Montana 700 that’s about, maybe a month and a half old.  Every time I try and plan a route on the device by the third entry, the thing shuts off.  I have had it randomly shut off too, even with near full battery and connected to satellites.  It’s not a power issue, it’s not a hardware issue, it’s a software bug.  The unit was sitting on the table, so it’s not like it was a loose wire moving.  

I’ve noticed this issue has been going on for over three years with multiple people posting about the problem. However, Garvins response is always cryptic.

I’m done playing games with Garmin, so here’s what I’m going to do; start a class action lawsuit.  Banned me from the forms and delete my post all you want. It’s not gonna stop the lawsuit or me going public on social medial about this, nor is your terms of service are going to stop it either. You’re selling a defective product which you know has problems.  I’m currently working with the attorney general and making videos as well as taking screenshots of all of these forum posts regarding the problem.

Three years later, units like this shouldn’t be having problems, and if it’s a manufacturing defect, it should’ve been fixed immediately and not continued to roll out these products.  Garmin clearly doesn’t know what the problem is, or they do, but don’t wanna mention it because it’s a design flaw.  My guess is they got cheap with the hardware in this thing.  This company is notorious for putting cheap outdated hardware in their units. In fact look at the USB on this device. It’s the old school one from the 90s.  The company couldn’t be bothered to put USBc which is required by the European Union now and has been since this device was released.

$500:GPS where smartphones have more expensive tech for less money.  It’s time for Garmin to get sued for what they’re doing to their customers, this planned obsolescence crap needs to stop.  Now I have to waste my time, sending this unit back the RMA and not have access to a device. I just bought because it has to go through the mail for several weeks?

No, I’m just going to sue your company so if this stops.