Montana 700 Maps

I have just bought a montana 700 and I want to improve the maps on it.

  1. I have an OrdnanceSurvey subscription and wondered if I would somehow be able to put these maps on the Garmin? If so, how would I do it?
  • By paying Garmin or OS £300 for the locked SD card.

    Like with many products garmin make - they lock them. You can't even then use them on another device YOU own.

  • You would need to buy the Garmin TOPO Great Britain v3 PRO maps to get ordnance survey maps on your Montana 700.

    You can either buy the SD card version (which works on any compatible Garmin device) or a download version which only works on the device you bought it for.

    Garmin sells both the download and SD card version:

    Ordnance Survey sells the SD card version:

  • You won't be able to use your os app subscription on a Garmin , you would need to either purchase a Garmin Topo pro GB Ordnance survey Map download from Garmin directly but the downside of this is the maps are always locked to your device and none transferable to another device in the future , you would be better off buying a physical map card to go into the back of your unit like the example.on the link below , at least then it can be used in another compatible device in the future , hope this helps.

    You may find second hand map cards for sale but be careful as some of the older map cards will not work in newer units, V3 is the latest version.