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Montana 7XX/7XXi Software Version 16.50

Change Severity


Change Log

Added support for Garmin Messenger App
Added inReach post messaging UI
Added support for inReach group messaging
Added support for upgrading from inReach Presets to Check-Ins
Added option to turn on/off course alerts (Setup > Routing)
Added ability to rename map downloads
Added ability to download maps directly from the map page
Added ability to select starting location for map downloads
Improved behavior of some applications when added to the favorites toolbar
Improved maximum number of downloads in Outdoor Maps+
Improved reliability of Outdoor Maps+ downloads
Fixed geocache spell search “near a city”
Fixed potential 'No results found' issue when searching using postal codes
Fixed potential unresponsive option menu when attempting to save a map point
Fixed potential issue toggling map layers
Fixed potential empty row in Configure Raster Maps
Fixed potential issue reviewing JNX files
Fixed potential issue showing incorrect plan details
Fixed potential issue causing camera app to exit
Fixed potential “Can’t Authenticate Maps” prompt
Fixed potential issue getting stuck or crashing while loading maps