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Montana 7XX Software version 14.80 has been released

Change Severity: Recommended

Change Log

Added support for the Outdoor Maps+ Subscription. This can be found in the new Map Manager main menu application which replaces BirdsEye Direct. BirdsEye Direct can be found inside Outdoor Maps+ by pressing the Add Satellite Imagery option.

Added support for updating the address of a message received from an unknown address.

Fixed possible issue with DogTrack information.

Fixed possible issue with searching for waypoints near a city.

Fixed possible issue causing a route calculation to not finish.

Fixed possible issue where route distance was incorrect inside Where To menu.

Fixed possible issue where auto-pause notification does not clear.

Fixed possible issue where auto-saved tracks were not found.

Fixed possible map freeze after searching for all POIs.

Fixed possible issue importing Basecamp routes with waypoints.

Fixed possible slow map drawing when using large text sizes.

Fixed Ukrainian keyboard.