How can I get Garmin engineers to consider some UI changes to make the 700 useable?

I have used Garmin Montanas 6XXs for years mostly for off-road motorcycle riding (think rough terrain while moving fast) but I do some road riding as well. I find the 6XXs adequate (but not perfect). I recently bought a 700i thinking I was going to be living in GPS heaven. Instead it was a huge disappointment and I’m selling it and recommending that no one purchase the 700 for off-road use (and any use really). I wrote up my gripes here: At the bottom of the writeup I include some proposed UI features regarding map zooming that I’d like to see on ALL Garmin devices. Your mileage may vary.

  • This is a peer to peer forum, not a support or enhancement request channel. If you want to bring these things to Garmin's attention, submit them here:

    Some of these do seem to be well-taken. However, a lot of them are specific to your particular use case. The result of implementing all of these would be to make the device significantly more difficult to use for other use cases. This is particularly true of the idea of removing the favorites bar across the bottom. (IMO - it's all subjective, of course.)