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Montana 7XX Software version 8.20 has been released

Change Log

Improved geocaching dashboard UI
Improved track manager page UI
Added custom map set feature that allows users to quickly enable/disable custom-defined groups of maps.
Added activity paused icon to the status bar
Added popularity map as a selectable theme to the map page on the map toggle popup
Added popularity routing setting located in the routing settings. This feature will allow users to Fixed issue where routes would automatically get deleted after syncing with the Android version of the Garmin Explore App
Fixed potential shutdown issue when syncing Geocache Live data
Fixed issue with weather forecast potentially showing the incorrect location
Fixed issue when searching via postal code
Fixed missing Arabic, Farsi, and Polish characters on the keyboard
Fixed issue when displaying three-digit speed limit signs
Fixed issue when updating TOPO Active maps in Garmin Express
Fixed issue where the weather location list would display duplicate locations
Fixed issue with geocache proximity alarms
Fixed tracking issue in expedition mode
Fixed issue when trying to connect to a hidden SSID network
Fixed issue when trying to connect to a password protected network
Fixed RINEX logging