Collections manager ... open track ?

I’ve synced a couple of GPX tracks through Garmin Explore and can see them in Collections Manager on the 700. How do I actually open those tracks ? They are not listed under ‘tracks’ (Where to / tracks)

am I missing something? 

thanks in advance, Gary

  • Not sure what you are doing here. On the 7x0i, the only thing you can do (AFAIK) from the collection manager page is to enable and disable collections (other than the active collection). Although I do not have data to test it, I would expect to find tracks from sync-d collections from the Where To page. I see you tried that - so I have no explanation.

    My track and activity names are all auto-generated so I can’t really find anything. I can get to the activities from Where To. If recorded on the device, you would normally get both a track and an activity. Don’t think that’s the case with sync-d collection, though. IIRC, activities never sync to a device.  I also have tracks under Archived Tracks. Can navigate those by opening one from archived tracks list. But I can’t correlate any of that with collections.

  • Many thanks for that. 
    I have GPX routes from many places that I follow, some I created 20 years ago in other software, lots more recent, some downloaded from the web or passed from friends. The more I’m looking into this I’ve found that some now appear in ‘tracks’ but there are plenty that are in ‘Collections Manager’ that don’t appear in tracks. I’m now wondering if it’s the way the GPX is packaged ... some would have been created in Basecamp, others Memory-Map, others I have no idea .. but I would have used them all on my old Montana 680 with no issues. 

    so just for info we create all our tracks from scratch within Basecamp or similar software , load onto the Montana , and ride that route. I’m not sure I have anything that I’ve recorded previously on my old 680 which I can test. 

  • Hello Gary 

    Have you managed to fix this issue? I am in the same situation and for the life of me i have been messing around for a week and cannot figure out why some tracks don't appear in the track folder and some do even tho they are all in the track manager supposedly).

    Thanks for your help it drives me nuts

  •  No, the issue still exists. Garmin support have been useless - one reply tells me the only way to transfer GPX files is by plugging into the PC ! 
    very frustrating to be honest. 

  • Thank you for your reply. I am very frustrated too