Why does Garmin not allow to install Montana 7X0(i) preloaded CN maps locally for BaseCamp?

I noticed, that you can't install with the Montana 7X0(i) via Garmin Express the preloaded City Navigator maps locally on usage with BaseCamp, like with other Garmin devices, which come with preloaded City Navigator maps. Is there any reason for that?

  • thanks for this, but when I try it doesn't work!?

    The Montana unit just hangs on the 'would you like to go to mass storage?' while Garmin Express just shows the new map management feature (without the transfer to PC option Disappointed)

    Am I doing something wrong or have the software engineers removed this workaround since it was posted....?

    Thanks in advance ConiKost

  • Hm, I can't confirm. Still works with latest Garmin Express fine. Just tried it to verify it. Did you set your Montana to Spanner Mode? My Montana does not Crash on the message "Would you like to go to mass storage?".

  • Thanks for the quick response. Yes, set it to spanner mode. I downloaded latest version of Garmin Express too. 

    When I follow your directions and plug the Montana in after setting to spanner mode, I get the screen message asking about mass storage like you mentioned.

    What's different is that this message just stays on the Montana awaiting a response... I left it for 10 minutes...no change

    The Montana unit shows as connected in the Express window but there is no availability to transfer CN maps to the PC.

    I've also tried creating a virtual removable drive and copying the CN map file to that as supposedly this works with BaseCamp, but I could not get that to work either.

    All in all a pain in the ass considering the price of admission for the Garmin unit to start with!!!



  • What do you mean with message by awaiting response? Where is that shown? Btw, I just did a new retest and it even works, if I answer the question about mass storage with No.

  • Finally! Garmin released Garmin Express, which makes it possible to install maps in local computer again.