How to carry a Montana 750i on a backpack

hello does anyone knows how to click a Montana700i on a backpack?


Ben Bos

  • I haven’t run across any solutions to that in all my Forums prowling. It does have a squarish channel next to the antenna to loop a lanyard through but I wouldn’t want it banging around with only that tethering it. Good old Map 60 series shipped with that snap-in adapter with carabiner. 700i is so bulky in comparison.

  • Apparently none of the design specialists at Garmin believed anyone would want to carry this device on thier person. They all (foolishly) believed everyone would only use the Montana 7x0 in or on a vehicle. All requests for a spine type mount fell on deaf ears.

    Perhaps a third party manufacturer will offer something useful soon!

  • I received the Maxpedition TC-3 pouch today. It attaches to the molle on my Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger and it fits the Montana 7x0 perfectly. Here are some pictures with the Montana 700 inside it.

  • There's no reason Garmin couldn't manufacture a carbineer style mount.  All they would have to do is create a bracket that attaches to the 4 points on the side of the device.

  • I have a Badlands Bino-Z binoculars case that the 700i fits in.  The case clips to the straps of my backpack and keep the 700i at chest level.

    This works out when you don’t need your binoculars. 

  • My email from Garmin was fairly clear:

    "Unfortunately we do not currently have a compatible carabiner strap available for the Montana 700. If we made the accessory then it would be available on the website for purchase.

     There are currently no plans to release a carabiner strap for this device."

    I bought the Lanyard Carabiner and that fits through the small retaining hole

    Lanyard Carabiner

    I replace the original Carabiner with an old one that I had on my GPSMap62 as it was bigger.

    Its not ideal, it is a temporary solution and it does clip to my rucksack.

  • thank you for the "conversion" to the Amazon Usa link, in France they are only available from Ebay
    I had asked Gizzmovest when they were going to release their resistant hulls for the 700 series and they had told me a while ago that the hulls were out,
    it is very very very solid, but the size of the 700 has more than doubled with this hull in terms of size, I have already had all kinds of hulls of their manufacture for my Garmin and I have never been disappointed,
    with my Oregon 750, I made a version with velcro and I used it in "watch" mode to always have a very visible compass, but the size of the hull remained reasonable, but I had some for my 680, Monterra and the size was important, too important ...

    for my Montana 700, I also found on Amazon France silicone cases made by Tusita which are of excellent quality, like everything Tusita manufactures, there is even the location for the battery locking system, j '' also uses the adapters for the batteries and the silicone cases are suitable,
    I kept asking them for a release date since I got my M700, they pushed back, pushed back, but at the beginning of this year they also warned me and they happened,
    and I ordered several to do tests and see how I can make a case also with velcro to be able to fit it on a bag or other and I will also try to make a window with latex in order to protect the screen, even if I put a glass in front, I like to properly protect my gps, and on this side the Gizzmovest cases are excellent, but I would like to find a little smaller in size to be able to put it in a pocket without having the equivalent of the weight of a walkie talkie from the 2nd world war ...

  • Here are some links for the Tusita Silicone Covers from Amazon USA for the Montana 700 and Montana 7x0i models.