Inreach SMS not working in Argentina and Chile

Dear people of forum :

I hope that all of you are ok . My name is Martin and I live in Argentina .

Yesterday bought an Inreach Mini unit  , and after setted it up as I wish , I tryed to send my wife and SMS .

She never received it. After that I tryed to send a friend with the same result . Of course Mapshare messages goes ok .

Today I called to Garmin Latam support and they told me that they are having issues with Argentinian carriers and Chileans carriers too .

So I must have patience and wait if any time they can fix it .

With my old unit (Bivystick) I was able to send  , but my wife received a random SMS number (shorted not 10 digits) and she had to reply to de dedicated number of the Bivystick .

It was a little difficult but  it worked .

Inreach has not a dedicated number .So if you are planning to buy or use it in Argentina , stay alert that only thru a gateway like Mapshare will be sent.

It seems like third world country (like mine) carries do not accept SMS from satellital devices .Or maybe they use some kind of spam filter . Who knows.

Of course I also called to carriers to see if they are aware of this  , and they hevle absolutely no clue at all .

I will be making test and in case i found another way , will kepp you posted .

Have a great afternoon Martin

  • Hola Martin y Estanislao tuvieron alguna respuesta de CLARO. Si me pasan algún numero de tramite o como lo plantearon yo también puedo sumar ya que en la empresa tenemos muchas líneas de CLARO y quizás nos den bola..

  • Dear Horacio : The forum is in English , so I can't write in Spanish , but in order to answer your question , not at all . Never Claro had a clue about what is a satellite message. The only way to make it work is thru mapsheare. Hope you are well . Tks Martin

  • Hey! still not working in Argentina? I am Uruguayan and just got the Inreach Mini 2, to my surprise, SMS does not work in Uruguay. weird thing, only the 1st sms sent without a map link arrived, after that, no matter how I try, they do not arrive. So disappointing.

  • Dear User . As you said  , here in Argentina SMS is useless at all .

    Never worked . I spent much dollars in credits to test and try it , and finally gave up .

    The only way to make it Work is  via Mapshare .


    We do not have the same quality service by dollar paid ,that an American or European person has.

    Tech service useless hundred per cent.

    Product Manager is busy making webinars about how to use the website but not solving real problems like sms.

    Other countries are having the same issue but Garmin makes nothing to fix it .

    They say that is a third party problem.

    My other unit Bivystick Works 100 % with SMS . With a random number Received but works.

    So .... not expect nothing from Garmin support because you won´t get .

    Sorry to give you bad news but it is the truth