Has anyone tried using Mini 2 on a commercial flight as a passenger?

Has anyone tried to use the Mini 2, or any other inReach device, to text as a passenger from a commercial flight? I'm thinking best case scenario would be during cruise when you are above the clouds, having a window seat, and holding the device against the window while trying to send or receive a message. Worst case scenario, being in the middle seats of a wide body aircraft so a window is not nearby. Just curious if anyone has tried this.

  • Depending on where you live it could be  against federal regulations to use any kind of transmission device onboard an airliner during flight. It most likely wouldn’t work anyway due to the fact that it is enclosed inside a large metal tube, most can’t get theirs to work inside a wooden structure, or in a large forested area. Garmin stipulates clear view of sky.

  • An airplane window provides a clear view of a significant portion of the sky. The GPS works without any issues. It will take more time in case of Iridium connection/transmission, but eventually the message will be send.

  • Before take off-When airplane is still connected to the boarding gate (before cell phone use was banned), I tried it out.
    The plane was an Airbus A320, and from my window seat with a view of the sky, I was able to receive weather information and send and receive texts. Of course, bluetooth connection was turned off.
    However, I was unable to send or receive inreach messages when I moved to one seat away from the window.
    I'm guessing it's similar when the airplane is in flight.
    And, I don't think it would work from a window seat on an airplane with electronic window shades, like a Boeing 787; it blocks gps signal, so inreach signal will be blocked too, I guess.