Export tracks from AllTrails to InReach mini 2

Just bought my InReach mini 2 and activated Safety plan.

Was hoping to export tracks from AllTrails to this InReach mini 2. Connected my AllTrails and Garmin accounts and clicked "send to Garmin" on AllTrails. Trails thus exported from AllTrails do show up on the Garmin Connect app (which does not seem to work with InReach mini 2), but not on the Garmin Explorer app (which does work with InReach mini 2). 

What am I doing wrong?

(BTW, there is a more roundabout way that did work, but requires the use of a laptop and more time that I want to spend doing this: Export gpx from AllTrails to a desktop file, import that file to my explorer.garmin.com account, fire up the Garmin Explorer app on my phone, and then wait for the App to do two syncs -- from explorer.garmin.com and to the InReach mini 2. Too many steps.)

Is there a simple way to export tracks from AllTrails to InReach mini 2?

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