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Inreach Mini 2 Software version 4.11

Inreach Mini 2 Software version 4.11

Change Severity: Recommended

Change Log: 

Added dynamic updating to real time settings changes
Added "Back to Start" option to tracking widget
Added "Back to Start" option to current activity review map
Added "Reverse Course" option to course review maps
Added support for inReach remote settings to real time settings
Added support for playing sample tone on inReach when real time settings change from supported app
Fixed potential lockup when filesystem is full
Fixed potential incorrect "Feels Like" temperature in hourly weather forecast
Fixed potential incorrect message shown as message thread preview
Fixed potential for user to be directed away from SOS countdown page
Fixed potential incorrect course in message details
Fixed potential issue with deleting message threads containing many messages
Fixed potential issue with inReach Remote threads displaying the wrong contact
Improved UX for factory reset
Improved handling of long waypoint names and coordinates
Improved handling of remote devices display of check-in messages
Updated inReach remote device verification prompt
Removed titles from quick text messages
Removed "Back to Start" option from stop tracking menu
Prevent incorrect system language after SW update
Fix inReach Remote tracking state issue
Improve activation delayed warning
Improve handling of empty message threads

Fix potential issue with missing Brazilian Portuguese language file