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Inreach Mini 2 Software Version 3.22

Has been released. 

Change Log Prevented duplicate messages from being synced to the app
Fixed course reported by inReach tracking
Fixed elevation when marking waypoint from message
Improved off course navigation when starting far from beginning of course
Fixed power button hold to respect locked device
Fixed reporting of tracking status for inReach Remote
Fixed location reported for all inReach Remote messages
Improved activity storage when storage is low
Fixed issue requiring 10% battery to start
Fixed autocomplete adding punctuation to the end of email addresses
Fixed potential shutdown during pairing
Fixed several minor UI issues
Added support for updating the address of a message received from an unknown address
Added notification when activation completes
Added support for extracting contact information from messages
Updated progress bar style
Added support for message forwarding
Sorted weather locations by distance
Added icons to committed addresses in keyboard
Improved data use page
Improved handling of emojis
Changed back button behavior on contact picker and editor