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Inreach Mini 2 Software Version 3.17

Change Severity


Change Log

Improved behavior with large numbers of courses
Improved "Share With" MapShare flow, now skips contact selection
Implemented assorted TracBack fixes and improvements
Addressed some layout issues
Updated "Check for Messages" to be more similar to other glances
Changed "Display" settings to "Backlight" settings
Added map pick functionality
Added dynamic wind speed icons for marine forecasts
Added weather additional charges prompt
Updated mark waypoint icons in main menu
Updated order of marine and basic/premium weather
Updated preset icons to indicate message is outgoing
Implemented tap of power button turn on backlight
Improve BLE pairing to non-Explore Apps
Fixed autocomplete issues for contacts with emojis in the name
Fixed emojis being cut off on some pages
Fixed issue which could result in user getting stuck pairing flow
Corrected backlight from timing out during startup
Fixed issue preventing power button from operating on test device page
Updated language around check for plan updates
Added timestamp to activities exported to GPX
Fixed potential shutdown when viewing map action menu while arriving at destination
Improved validation of points before including them in exported GPX files
Fixed defect which could cause power menu to be inaccessible